Wireless Luggage Tracker


Product Features

  • Trakdot luggage tracker is designed to provide specific location information for your tracked luggage
  • Works anywhere cellular phones work
  • Gives you peace of mind by helping you keep track of your bag when travelling air
  • You receive a text message or email when you land telling you that your checked in luggage arrived with you
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Product Description

Don’t lose track of any of your valuables with this palm-sized innovative solution in tracking technology.Wether is a suitcase,bag or luggage,Trakdot delivers breakthrough products that empower consumers to keep track of the people and things they hold dear.In a world where our assets seem so vulnerable & millions of bags go missing each year from airports around the globe,you can get previously unattainable peace of mind,surely you don’t want to become a part of the statistics,avoid unnecessary headaches with the first-ever luggage tracking solution with worldwide location reporting to stay connected to your property.

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