After having many of our usual sessions  looking for amazing stuff all over the web,we’ve come across with some really creative,useful & cool items;in this section we’ll feature a small collection of those so you can check out first-hand all of the coolest gear available for you!


—Solar Power Charger


solar power charger

Here’s an interesting little item,not only it is a durable,lightweight,portable & compact highly efficient solar panel that converts the sun light into power capable of delivering full charge virtually to any type of smartphone or small electronic devices within just a few hours,but you can use it as a reliable hand lamp since it is also able to provide up to 150 hours of safe,sustainable light.Very useful for those times when you know you’ll be needing extra charging options or you just suddenly find yourself out of electricity,this neat gadget will do the job.Make sure you check it out & get more information by clicking here.




—Digital Translator Dictionary


digital translator dictionary

Wether you travel abroad regularly or if you need to speak to someone using a foreign language,you just have to deal with the fact that,sometimes,not being at least a fully bilingual individual leads to the frustration of being unable to have a proper conversation with a fellow citizen of the world;but fear not,ladies & gentlemen,this pocket-sized translator will be of great assistance,providing immediate cross-translation of 8400 travel-related phrases into 12 different languages(English,French,German,Spanish,Italian,Turkish,Dutch,Russian,Portuguese,Japanese,Mandarin Chinese & Swedish),giving you confidence when communicating.Make sure you check it out & get more information by clicking here.




—Underwater Video Mask


underwater video mask

For all those underwater adventurers & enthusiasts,now you can keep your hands free while swimming,diving or just relaxing by the pool with this one-of-a-kind mask,which has an embedded camera that captures what you see,Video Mode or Photo Mode,your choice.It enables you to interact more easily while providing fine quality images of all your surrounding scenarios,which you can later download to your computer to save,share or print.Definitely a must-have for vacation & holiday times,make sure you check it out & get more information by clicking here.