Best 5 Electric Cars For Kids 2017

best 5 electric cars for kids 2017

For all the little drivers out there, we present you here with our top picks for motorized vehicles that will provide the younger ones with an authentic driving feeling for hours of entertainment & fun.

Henes Broon JeepPolaris SlingshotLamborghini AventadorCamo TruckJeep Wrangler
1 Seat2 Seats1 Seat2 Seats2 Seats
For Ages: 2 - 5 YearsFor Ages: 3 - 8 YearsFor Ages: 2 - 4 YearsFor Ages: 3 - 8 YearsFor Ages: 3 - 5 Years
For Weight: Up To 77 lbs.For Weight: Up To 130 lbs.For Weight: Up To 66 lbs.For Weight: Up To 130 lbs.For Weight: Up To 130 lbs.

Henes Broon Jeep




A marvelous piece of technology that can be driven with a remote control, allowing parents to get in on the fun. Highly comfortable leather seat, 24V motors allowing operation speed up to 5 mph & an array of cutting-edge electronic features, make the driving experience in this vehicle something truly memorable.


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Polaris Slingshot




Aside from the fact that this ultra-realistic & super cool-looking car is modeled after the actual slingshot vehicle, not only does it provide enough room for 2 toddlers to ride swiftly, but also its 4 high traction rugged wheels allow for great performance on all kinds of terrain.


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Lamborghini Aventador



This one will obviously be talked about a lot as all heads turn while this beautiful sportscar is passing by. Stylish as it can be, this exotic vehicle gets the attention it deserves with its aerodinamic design & smooth driving experience.


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Camo Truck



Kids will absolutely love to take this one for an outdoor adventure. Featuring cup holders, wide cargo space, great traction & adjustable seats with belts for extra safety, perfect for those afternoon playdates.


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Jeep Wrangler



Sound effects & microphone with speaker included? You got it right here, along with decent battery life, roomy storage area, durable design, great maneuverability & of course, fun, exciting off-road times for 2 buddies.


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In the backyard or in the park, no matter which model you choose, there’s lots of healthy fun & great memories with your kids you’re guaranteed to have once you pick up any of this motorized vehicles. What are you waiting for?

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